Food such as acorns that swine (pigs), etc., feed on in the woods. The right to let your swine feed in the woods. Often restricted to a certain number of days per year or to a set period.
In the "New Forest" in Hampshire, "New Forest Commoners" still have this right. Each autumn their pigs eat the green acorns. This also protects the wild "New Forest" ponies from eating acorns and being poisoned.
Payment to a lord for the grazing rights on the lord’s meadow or in his woods.
♦ Pasturage of pigs in woods; payment for that pasturage.
(Bennett, Judith M. Women in the Medieval English Countryside, 234)
♦ Fee to allow pigs to feed on forest mast.
(Gies, Frances and Joseph. Life in a Medieval Village, 245)

Medieval glossary. 2014.

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